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LPG will change fortunes of Ghanaians — Kofi Akpaloo

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Mr. Kofi Akpaloo — The Presidential Candidate for the LPG

Mr. Kofi Akpaloo — The Presidential Candidate for the LPG

The Presidential Candidate of the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG), Mr. Kofi Akpaloo, has said that he will change the fortunes of the country by helping Ghanaians to create and enjoy wealth when he is voted into power on December 7, this year.

He has, therefore, appealed to all those who were eligible to exercise their franchise on that day to massively vote for him to change Ghana for the better.

Speaking to the Daily Graphic, Mr. Akpaloo said he was convinced that he was the one chosen to rescue Ghanaians from the broken promises of both the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Mr. Akpaloo said he was seeking the mandate to be President to unlock the potential of people in the country, which had been locked by previous governments, adding that he would do that through education and technology.


Highlighting his core policies when he is voted into power, Mr. Akpaloo pointed out that he would provide funding through subsidies to support commercial rice and poultry production nationwide to discourage the importation of such products, adding, “this will encourage farmers to produce more of what we eat here in Ghana and create more jobs.

“We are hoping to build the world’s largest chocolate manufacturing company in Ghana. We want to process all the cocoa products here and export them,” he added.

For the unemployed youth, he said he would give them loans up to Gh¢250,000 to open their own businesses.

“We want to set up a $10 billion job fund to give loans to young people and fresh graduates who want to go into their own businesses. We are hoping to create and build one million new entrepreneurs in our first term,” he noted.

Mr. Akpaloo acknowledged that the Free SHS Policy was very good but said he would also make university education free so that majority of the population would be educated to grow the economy of the country, adding that “this way, you will be building skilled level workers who will add value to the economy by paying taxes”.

Mr. Akpaloo, a native of Anyako in the Volta Region said when voted into office, he would pay child support benefits to help parents and guardians to make ends meet.

That, he said, would continue until the child attained age 18. Thus, every child would be entitled to an amount of GH¢200 a month and GH¢300 each for twins.

Asked how he was going to do that, he said: “This won’t be difficult because every child will be on a database as they will be registered as soon as they are born which will make identification and distribution easy.”

Political life

The founder of the LPG, who has been in the political scene for quite some time now but had not been successful in either having seats in Parliament or getting elected as the president, said this time round, he would be successful in the parliamentary and presidential elections.

He started his political career by contesting for the parliamentary seat at the Manhyia Constituency in the Ashanti Region in 2004 as an independent candidate but lost.

Then he founded the Independent People’s Party (IPP) in 2011. He led the party to contest in the 2012 general election but again, he was not successful.

He later decided to contest in the December 2016 general election but he was disqualified from contesting in that election as the presidential candidate of the party by the Electoral Commission (EC) because of anomalies with his nomination forms.

Mr. Akpaloo said he had all it would take to win this year’s election without fail because his number on the ballot paper said it all.

“I am number eight on the ballot paper and eight means new life, resurrection, or a new beginning so there is no way I am going to fail this time around,” he said confidently.

The slogan for the party is: “Putting people’s lives first through technology and the emblem of the party is a computer”.


Mr. Akpaloo is a Chartered Accountant by profession with certificates from the Institute of Management Studies (IMS), the University of Professional Studies (UPS), the AT Emile Woolf Accounting College in London, United Kingdom (UK), and a Master’s degree in Accounting at the University of Derby also in the UK.

The presidential candidate, who grew up in the Ashanti Region, said he attended a great number of schools in the region because his mother was a nurse and was moving around a lot.

Mr. Akpaloo is married to Mrs. Delvine Akpaloo and they have three children.


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