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I’m shocked Mahama says he launched free SHS – Akufo-Addo

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President Akufo-Addo has expressed shock and dismay at claims by former President Mahama that he (Mahama) started the Free SHS.

He said such false claims and outright lies by the NDC flagbearer was a clear indication that the NDC campaign was collapsing in confusion.

“When I promised to bring Free SHS, he said it was not possible and that I was lying to Ghanaians for their votes and that it was going to take over two decades before Ghana could implement such a policy,”  he stated.

Addressing drivers and market women at the Odorkor Trotro Station in Accra he said former President Mahama before 2016 told Ghanaians that even if he had Ghc2 billion, he would not spend it on free SHS, but use it on something better.

The President said it was shocking that the very person who said it was not possible would turn round to claim that he brought the free SHS and exclaimed ‘eiiiii’.

He said ii was not nice that the former President should resort to lies and deceit as campaign tools and strategies and asked if the people would allow him to do that to which the crowd shouted no, no, no.


President Akufo-Addo asked the people to cast their minds back to what he promised and what his government had done and vote for him for he had been truthful.

He asked “have i disappointed you” which the people responded with a loud no.


President Akufo-Addo have built the foundation and going to erect the structure on it for the benefit of all and


He noted that former President Mahama was going round the country making all sorts of promises but he should realize that he was not a new character in the Presidential elections. This, he explained wasvbecause he was a vice President and President before he was shown the exit due to his abysmal performance.

He said Ghanaians were all witnesses to the work of his administration so one wondered why he did not do all the things he was promising during his tenure.

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