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I suspended business because of lapses at DVLA – Driving school owner

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The owner of Joerees Drive Tech driving school has complained about how rots at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) have affected his business.

According to Joseph Boakye Yaadom, the corrupt dealing of the Licensing Authority makes driving school operators helpless.

He made these accusations when he contributed to discussions surrounding the illicit acquisition of a driver’s license at the DVLA on the Super Morning Show on Thursday.

“I have suspended my driving school because of lapses at the DVLA. Most of these driving schools are helpless because of the corruption at the DVLA.

“And the main focus of people attending Driving Schools at the moment is not for them to learn how they should safely drive.

“My colleagues can attest to the fact that some people come to driving schools with Driving licenses so that they can learn how to move the vehicle,” he complained.

Discussions surrounding the acquisition of driving licenses came into the limelight after Corruption Watch’s Investigative Journalist, Francisca Enchill, unearthed that the entire process had been riddled with fraudulent activities.

The investigation, which aired on December 30, 2022, captured DVLA officials of different categories with some operating through agents, as well as security men soliciting money to outwit the official mandatory requirements for personal financial gains in total disregard for the danger their actions pose to human lives.

Three weeks on, Joy FM spoke to officials and the STC Driving School on actions taken to combat corruption in the process of obtaining a driving license in the aftermath of the Corruption Watch expose.


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But the Head of Regulation, Inspection, and Compliance, Kwame Koduah Atuahene, said no investigation has been launched into the findings since no complaint has been made.

On his part, a worker at the STC Driving School, Rev. Paul Boakye Yaadom, said he was surprised by the action of his colleagues.

According to him, the state driving school had introduced a state-of-the-art machine to avert these corrupt activities but culprits still found means to outwit the system.

“The first time I saw the video, I was shocked to the bone because it is not part of our ethics and moral philosophy of running the place. We have the mindset of bringing out the best drivers so that at least we can minimise the carnage and loss of lives through accidents on our roads.

“We believe that if we train drivers and we do not train them well, the possibility of a driver killing us one day is also there, so all our staff and everyone that gets involved in the training have this mindset,” he noted.

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