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How can Ghanaians trust a leader with no plans for….- Haruna Iddrisu on Bawumia’s policies

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Haruna Iddrisu
Haruna Iddrisu

Tamale South Member of Parliament, Haruna Iddrisu says Ghanaians cannot accept a presidential aspirant who launches his policies for the nation without including plans for the agricultural sector.

According to him, the agricultural sector employs more than half of the country’s population, therefore for an individual seeking to lead the nation, with no plans to expand that sector, it is a cause for concern.

Examining Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia’s speech on Wednesday when he outlined his vision for the country and appealed to be elected President, Haruna wondered “How can any Ghanaian accept a president who launches what he calls Ghana’s next chapter, Selfless Leadership and Bold Solutions for the Future without a comment on Agriculture, which is the thrust and future of the Ghanaians economy?

“In terms of export, you will be dependent on agriculture. In terms of the success of your manufacturing sector, you depend on agriculture. Sixty per cent of your employment is in agriculture.

“You deliver a policy blueprint on Ghana. I am wondering whether this speech was meant for Ghana or another country. Maybe some desert country where there is no opportunity to farm.” 

On February 7, Dr Bawumia addressed the nation outlining his plans for the nation. His vision ranged from abolishing the electronic transactions levy to offering tax amnesty to businesses, among other policies.

However, Mr Iddrisu asserts that the New Patriotic Party’s flagbearer’s failure to outline plans for the agricultural sector is worrying and cannot be overlooked.


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