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Heartbroken herbalist demands refund of money he spent on lover after breakup

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“Marry me, pay me back my money or face the worst” is the message a heartbroken herbalist has sent to his lover for declining to marry him after financial investments he made in her.

Simply referred to as Alhaji Issah, he disclosed that he met his 52-year-old lover in a hospital where he was receiving treatment following a gory accident which rendered him disabled.

Based on the care she showed him, Alhaji said he expressed interest in marrying her, which she agreed and subsequently moved in with him.

What he thought would be a peaceful coexistence was not to be, as his once caring and understanding lover suddenly changed for the worst.

Bringing the matter to Nhyira FM’s Obra show, Alhaji said he made financial investments into his lover amounting to GHS 6,200.

Despite all his efforts, his lover has refused to marry him, forcing him to demand a refund of all monies spent on her during their relationship.

Giving an explanation on the same show, Alhaji’s lover said he exerts too much pressure in the relationship and he verbally abuses her and her family.

That aside, she accused him of laying curses at the least provocation due to his insecurities.

She admitted to being emotionally attached to him initially, but his constant nagging has caused them to grow apart.

On the demands for a refund, she refused to hand over a dime since she used part of it for domestic purposes, and the remaining as alimony.


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