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GTA promises more support [Video]

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The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Tourism Authority, Akwasi Agyemang, has pledged the institution’s unflinching support to Failatu Abdul Razak, who is attempting to break Guinness World Records’ longest cooking marathon.

Speaking to KMJ on Joy Prime, Akwasi Agyemang said even though the authority got to know of Faila’s event late, they have put in place plans to offer her the necessary support.

“We didn’t have that much time to plan for cook-a-thon like we did for the sing-a-thon because as far back as October we had already started conversations with Afua and her team on the sing-a-thon. We only caught wind of the cook-a-thon when we were in the middle of the sing-a-thon and do it became a bit difficult to juggle the two,” he told KMJ on Prime Morning.

He, therefore, indicated that they decided to finish with Afua’s singing marathon so they could turn their attention to Faila’s cooking competition. 

“We have a team there led by Angelo, their Regional Director, working with the team there. We’ve already started providing logistical support but we are going to do more to make sure that she goes through because it is always easy in the first few days but as you go on then the pressure sets in, so we are going to support,” he said. 

Mr. Agyemang also noted that what Chef Faila is doing also ties into an aspect of the agenda of the Ghana Tourism Authority – Eat Ghana.

“What she is doing also talks to the idea of ‘Eat Ghana’ because she is cooking Ghanaian food just as Afua was singing Ghanaian songs,” he said.

On January 1, 2024, Chef Failatu Abdul Razak started an attempt to break the current Guinness World Records’ longest cooking marathon record.

From the Modern City Hotel in Tamale, she intends to cook for over 120-hours to beat the 119-hour record set by Alan Fisher.

In the meantime, Ugandan chef Dorcus Mirembe, popularly known as Mama D, who cooked for 144 hours, is awaiting Guinness World Records’ validation.


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