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GSA sensitizes traders on calibration to commemorate World Metrology Day

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Some traders in Kumasi have been resisting the recalibration of their measuring tools to provide accurate and efficient services to their clients.

They argue the habitual demand for surplus of commodities sold and the request for reduced prices compel them to readjust their measuring equipment in defiance of the approved product standards.

However, the Ghana Standards Authority believes the actions of both customers and the businesses compromise economic growth.

Luv Business joined a team from the Authority to embark on a sensitization campaign as part of World Measurements Day.

The GSA team visited various market centres in Kumasi, but efforts to highlight effective scaling systems were met with some resistance.

At the Asafo market, some traders decried the measuring systems, questioning the significance of calibration costs announced by the Ghana Standard Authority.

Some traders blame their customers’ habitual demand for surplus of the purchased goods.

At the Kumasi Abattoir, a number of the meat vendors fail to recalibrate their weighing scales, as they claim demand for excess meat by customers incurs them losses.

“The customers are always demanding additional meats. Some can even ask for it on each pound they buy and that is incurring us losses,” Raymond, a meat vendor, said.

These measuring devices, including scales, play a crucial role in the sale of goods and service rendering, ensuring customers are given their value for money.

In commemorating the World Metrology Day, staff of the GSA exposed the traders to the significance of measurements in society.

Head of Legal Metrology at the GSA, Striggner Bedu-Addo highlighted the economic impacts of inaccurate measuring tools.

“For some of the scale we verified, we realized they do no measure accurately. They are cheating themselves. This goes a long way to affect the economy as people aren’t given value for their money,” he said.

The Ghana Standards Authority is assuring market leaders of heightened education on recalibration among traders.

The theme for World Metrology Day 2024 is: “Sustainability”, to emphasize measurement opportunities crucial for fostering a sustainable global economy and environment.

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