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Ghanaian student in the US makes mark with perfect GPA

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Ghanaian student at Ohio University in the United States, showcased exceptional academic prowess.

Crystal Kafui Asimenu throughout her Master of Social Work program maintained a flawless 4.0 GPA.

Her academic achievement stands as one of the highest GPAs ever attained by an international student at the University.

Ms. Asimenu’s dedication to academic excellence has earned her admission to pursue a 4-year PhD in Higher Education and Student Affairs at the same institution.

Expressing her zeal for knowledge dissemination and a keen interest in teaching, she envisions shaping the academic journeys of future students, nurturing their development and triumphs.

Drawing from her extensive background in social work and experience as a correctional officer, Ms. Asimenu aspires to make meaningful contributions to shaping higher education policy. 

Her ambitions encompass addressing pivotal issues such as accessibility, equity, and affordability in education. 

Through her pursuit of a PhD in higher education and student affairs, she aims to influence policies that will positively transform the educational landscape to ensure equitable opportunities for all students to thrive.


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