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Ghana Veterinary Medical Association cautions farmers over bird flu outbreak

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The Ghana Veterinary Medical Association (GVMA) has extended heartfelt congratulations to resilient farmers and fishers on the occasion of the 39th National Farmers Day celebration.

The association recognised and appreciated the contributions and sacrifices made by the people in the agricultural sector towards attaining food security, nutritional well-being, and economic growth.

In a press statement signed and issued by the president of GVMA, Dr Cyril Quist on Friday, December 1, the Association underscored the importance of the agricultural sector as the backbone of the economy.

“It is worth noting that it significantly contributes to the country’s GDP and employment. Over the years, veterinary services have played a pivotal role, providing crucial technical and advisory support to our farmers in achieving these milestones.”

The Association noted the theme for this year’s celebration as commendable and emphasized the necessity for digital and scientific approaches to address challenges in the agricultural sector which requires participation from all stakeholders to achieve sustainability.

The press statement further acknowledged the veterinary service’s commitment of effectively containing outbreaks of Zoonotic and transboundary animal disease outbreaks such as bird flu, anthrax, rabies, African swine fever among others.

In regards to this, they cautioned farmers that the bird flu outbreaks remain active and the government is yet to lift the ban on movement of poultry and its products.

“We continue to advice poultry, livestock and fish farmers on improving farm biosecurity as a means of preventing infectious diseases, and the prudent use of antibiotics to reduce the increasing Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) of pathogens worldwide,” the Association said.

As the expert of animal health matters in Ghana, both VSD and GVMA pledge their dedication to support farmers and all citizens.

They assure farmers of their unwavering commitment to delivering quality animal health care and advice, aiming for better livestock and poultry production, improved food security, and safety in the country.

This commitment aligns with the government’s objective to drastically reduce the importation of meat and other animal products affecting the economy.

The GVMA also appealed to the government and donor communities to heighten their support for the animal health sector in the country. This includes investment in the retooling of Veterinary services and related institutions like Fisheries, Wildlife, Private Veterinary Hospitals/Clinics, and veterinary medical schools.

Additionally, they plead with the government to address issues concerning the employment and conditions of veterinary surgeons as well as pan-veterinary professionals to inspire them for an enhanced service.

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