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Ghana Airport cocaine smuggle suspects to receive two third salary; document exposes

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In a startling revelation concerning the ongoing Ghana Airport Cocaine Smuggling Scandal, intercepted letters of interdiction have surfaced, indicating that the key suspects are set to receive two-thirds of their salaries while on interdiction.

Expressing his vehement disapproval, Member of Parliament for North Tongu, Okudzeto Ablakwa, has condemned this decision, describing it as “absolutely ridiculous” and insufficient in deterring others from engaging in similar misconduct at the Kotoka International Airport.

Mr. Ablakwa’s outrage stems from the fact that, while the state can refund salaries to interdicted suspects who may be acquitted, there is little recourse for retrieving these salaries from those found complicit.

He questions why Ghana airport officials seem oblivious to drug smuggling activities, contrasting this with the vigilance of their counterparts in Belgium, despite significant investments in infrastructure like Terminal 3.

The North Tongu MP called for further investigations to expose those in high positions who are part of this scandal

Mr. Ablakwa said Ghana must adopt a stringent and unwavering stance in combating drug smuggling, lamenting the recent trend of losing ground in this critical battle.

Proposing a shift in approach, he advocated for a new era at Ghana’s airports, one where officials understand the consequences of aiding criminal activities, rather than being allowed to enjoy partial salaries while sitting at home without performing any duties.

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