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GES cancels pillow fight in schools

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The Ghana Education Service (GES) has decided to suspend the introduction of tug-of-war and pillow fights as sports in second-cycle schools.

The GES had earlier approved the request from the Tug of War and Pillow Fight Federation to introduce the sports in second-cycle schools.

However, some stakeholders have raised concerns about the safety of participants, despite assurances that safety measures would be put in place.

The stakeholders have argued that the new sports, if introduced in schools, would lead to injuries to students.

After carefully considering the concerns raised by stakeholders, the GES has decided to revoke its approval.

The GES has communicated this decision to the Tug of War and Pillow Fight Federation in a letter, and has also instructed Directors of Education and heads of secondary schools nationwide to adhere to the suspension notice.

President of the Tug of War and Pillow Fight Federation, Ola Williams, said in an interview with Citi News that the sport is safe and is practised all over the world.

“Tug-of-war and pillow fights are sports that are practised across the globe and are safe for students,” he assured.

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