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Fun galore as eating contests take centre stage at Tamale

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The ongoing cook-a-thon attempt is not just a special moment for Chef Faila who is embarking on the feat, but patrons who are enjoying themselves with free meals.

In nearly 73 hours, Chef Faila has prepared about 70 meals, all of which have been distributed to the dedicated supporters.

To bring some fun to the event, series of eating competition has been organized, alongside musical performances and dance battles.

Four contenders each, representing both genders, had separate battles where they were tasked to gulp down huge balls of tuo and plates of rice in record time.

While this proved a struggle to some contenders, it was rather a cool chop for the champions. Their eating attempt excited Chef Faila, as it gingered her to intensify her cooking prowess.

Also, Chef Faila’s team shared some of the meals she prepared with the destitute across Tamale.

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