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Financing creative industry GCPP’s priority – Henry Lartey

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In spite of its challenges, Ghana’s creative industry has done great and is gaining influence, and that is why from years of silence from political parties, it is now getting space in the various manifestos.

In the last two elections, the various political parties outlined plans they had for the industry and while not everything has been achieved, some progress has been made.

This year, most of the parties have given attention to the creative industry, revealing some great plans for the sector, which if implemented, could change its fortunes.

With the elections so close, the flag bearer of the Great Consolidated People’s Party (GCPP), Dr Henry Herbert Lartey, has given the assurance of providing a lot of resources to develop the creative industry.

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According to him, the party would invest in the sector to improve players’ expertise and know-how so they could generate revenue for themselves and the nation.

Right environment
According to Dr Lartey, while neighbouring Nigeria has been raking in revenue from its creative industry, successive governments had left the industry to develop on its own over the years, dwindling its fortunes.

“My government will find a way of helping the creative industry by financing it adequately so creative persons can rise higher and higher.

“Once we improve the industry, the Ghallywood we are desiring will stand out brightly and Ghana will be the best among the best,” he said.

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According to Dr Lartey, Ghana has a lot of talents who if given the support, could rise to any level and become more competitive on the international front.

“My government will give them the right environment and funding which will eventually inure to the benefit of the nation because they will bring billions of dollars to Ghana to shore up our dwindling economy.

“There are many areas that Ghana could use to generate much revenue to develop the nation and the creative industry is one of them. Incidentally, nothing has been done to improve upon its fortunes for the benefit of the country. That is why Ghanaians should offer me the opportunity to become the next president,” he noted.

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