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Elections not war – Prophet Annor

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Rev Christopher Yaw Annor, Head Pastor of the Frafraha branch of the International Central Gospel Church, Holy Ghost Temple

Rev Christopher Yaw Annor, Head Pastor of the Frafraha branch of the International Central Gospel Church, Holy Ghost Temple

The Head Pastor of the Frafraha branch of the International Central Gospel Church, Holy Ghost Temple, Rev Christopher Yaw Annor, has urged Christians not to be afraid to go out in their numbers to cast their ballots as the exercise was not a war.

Preaching on the theme: “The reward of faith,” he said to the congregation of the polls, “It is great and exciting and let no one be afraid.

“I want all of us to understand that what we are going in to do tomorrow is not a war. A leader will by all means emerge and I believe that there is a perfect will of God and there is also a good will of God and the acceptable will of God.

“It is not God going to vote, it is human beings. Most of us even don’t know the will of God, so we may choose any will. But once the person is chosen and we put the person on the seat we have to pray that God will guide the person to fulfill whatever he wants to do,” he said.

Rev Annor, who is also a prophet, said prophesies did not work in a democracy because the people had chosen to elect their own leaders and not leave it to God to do so.

“People have been prophesying here and there. Those prophesies could work if it is not democracy – If it is theocracy when God doesn’t need anybody to elect his president.

“But with democracy God gives you the chance to elect whether good or bad to bring to Him so that He will give His blessings and you move on. That is why I do not want to prophesy that it is A, B, C or D. I am helping you so you don’t get disappointed.”

Stating that he nonetheless believed in God’s ability to choose leaders, he said; “I believe God chooses leaders. In the bible He did it when he picked Moses without permission from the Israelites. If He had sent Moses there to stand for elections among his brothers, he would have lost – and that would have been His perfect will too.”

Prophet Annor reminded the congregation that at a point when Israel said they wanted a king like pertained in other nations and gave God the criteria of the people they wanted to rule over them God agreed and gave them King Saul, even though Samuel rejected the idea.

Elections and God’s blessings
Touching on the significance of elections and God’s blessings on the elected, Prophet Annor said when Judas’s position needed to be filled the church elected another person in his place and the moment that person was chosen and prayed for, God’s blessing was put on that person.

“He never puts the blessings until the person wins. There is no anointed person until he wins an election. When he wins, it is because of the seat that he is anointed,” he declared.

Further encouraging the congregation, he said, “I want you to take it very easy. It is why elections are conducted every year. If you bring yours (candidate) and God doesn’t accept yours, wait. A time is going to come that God may accept yours. When we understand this, we’re gone.”

He said of the 12 presidential hopefuls, if one won the rest will accept it and asked followers to also accept the final verdict.

“Go by the protocols, don’t let the devil use you but let God use you and continue to pray that God will help us through,” he urged.

Prophet Annor’s charge was preceded with prayers that peace will prevail during the 2020 elections. He led the congregation to offer prayers for the Electoral Commission and all commissioners that God will grant the EC the wisdom, faith and boldness to work according to the laws of the country “without favour.”

Prayer was also offered that the angels of the Lord will take control of affairs at the polling stations that all officials will do what is expected of them.

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