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Election 2024: Resolve all disagreements in court

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Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, the flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has emphasized the importance of resolving electoral disputes through legal means.

During a recent address, he urged all political stakeholders in Ghana to turn to the courts when faced with difficulties or disagreements related to elections.

“In Ghana, our practice is to take electoral disputes to court for resolution. It’s a crucial step in maintaining peace and stability in our nation,” stated the Vice President.

He underscored Ghana’s reputation as the most peaceful country in West Africa and the second most peaceful in the entire continent, emphasizing the need to appreciate and safeguard this status.

Highlighting the significance of Ghana’s tranquility, Dr. Bawumia remarked, “Our country is truly blessed. While neighboring nations often experience turmoil, Ghana stands as an oasis of peace. I believe this is not mere chance; rather, it is a manifestation of God’s hand on Ghana. Therefore, it is our collective responsibility to uphold and preserve the peace and stability we enjoy.”

Acknowledging political differences, he cautioned against allowing electoral processes to lead to instability.

Dr. Bawumia delivered this message of caution during his attendance at the 31st Night Service at Action Chapel International, stressing the need for a united effort to maintain Ghana’s peaceful environment despite political divergences.


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