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Dumelo’s passionate appeal to sugar daddies on behalf of side chics

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John Dumelo | credit: @johndumelo
John Dumelo | credit: @johndumelo

Actor cum politician, John Dumelo, has sparked reactions on social media with his passionate appeal to sugar daddies and boyfriends on behalf of their ‘side chics’ and lovers.

In a post on snapchat, Mr Dumelo asked men to increase monies they give to their women in the coming year.

His appeal, he noted, was due to the prevailing economic hardship under the current government.

He, however, noted it was a two-way affair and therefore admonished women to be committed for the men to provide more money.

He wrote: Dear sugar daddies and boyfriends, pls increase the money u allocate to your woman/ side chicks In 2023.


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Things have become extremely expensive. Dear side chicks, pls be committed to the sugar daddies so they too they can give u more money la.

The actor’s post has generated mixed reactions amidst commendations from, especially ladies who have been delighted by his appeal.

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