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Drivers, passengers stranded as ‘galamseyers’ block road for mining

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Passengers and commuters traveling along the Kunka-Ntonsua-9 miles road in the Obuasi Municipal and Amansie Central district of Ashanti found themselves stranded as the route was unexpectedly blocked by illegal miners in search of gold.

The incident, which occurred Wednesday morning, left travelers, motorcyclists, drivers, and even teachers stranded, unable to proceed with their journeys.

According to the Odikro of Ntonsua, Nana Alex Abu, he was alerted about the situation around 1:00 am and promptly informed the local Assembly member.

With the help of a hunter, one of the perpetrators was apprehended, and both the Odikro and the Assembly member took the suspect to the Obuasi Police Station.

Expressing his dismay at the incident, Nana Alex Abu called on the police and relevant agencies to take decisive action against the suspect and any accomplices, ensuring that they face the full force of the law.

The unexpected roadblock not only disrupted travel but also highlighted the ongoing challenges posed by illegal mining activities in the region, urging for prompt and effective measures to address such occurrences.

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