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CPP’s goodwill message to mark International Women’s Day

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Today marks the celebration of International Women’s Day, a day set apart every year to celebrate the gallant, hardworking and patriotic women of this World.

The Convention People’s Party (CPP) says Ayekoo to all women and congratulates them, especially women of Ghana on their efforts at ensuring that Ghana is a better place for us all to live in.

Indeed, we in the CPP today say a big thank you to all women who were part of the struggle for Ghana’s Independence, unfortunately, no effort has been made to recognise their contribution to the liberation struggle in Ghana, very sad indeed, in fact, most of them died as lonely souls and those who are alive are woefully neglected by the State. A situation that must be corrected.

The Theme for this year’s celebration “Embrace Equity” is apt because we need to deal with stereotypes, expunge Discrimination against women, promote equality, and wipe out the Status Quo element of the World seeing the woman as an underdog and a tool for procreation and home management.

As in most African Countries like Ghana, there are few women at the level of Decision-making.

Penetration and presence are so abysmal that, even at the level of Parliament we have been able to get only about 13% of Women Representation.

As and when the Nation deems fit, a token is thrown at us, a lot of noise is made about it but actual depth of inclusion is non-existent.

The only way this disparity can be corrected is through Legislation, that is why the CPP is asking for the Passing into Law, of the Affirmative Action Bill, which seeks to remove the historical low representation of women in all decision-making processes whilst promoting democracy and development through the effective participation of all citizens and in addition seeking to promote women’s Representation to a minimum of 40% or more at the legislature and all decision-making spaces.

It has been long overdue, the Bill has gathered dust long and well enough and there is the need to push it to the next level.

The CPP believes that for the Bill to be passed into law Women of this Country need allies to help us to achieve this feat.

That is why the CPP is calling on his Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo the President of Ghana, the Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon Alban Bagbin, the Parliament of Ghana especially our male counterparts, to be in the forefront of passing into Law the Affirmative Action Bill.

We believe that their commitment to passing the Bill into Law will help us achieve our aim.

The CPP is also advocating for the formation of a Women’s Congress where the platform would be created for all women groups and individuals to advocate and push for women participation and inclusion in all relevant spaces in this nation.

The CPP is asking that in future Parliament should reserve the Position of the 1st Deputy Speaker for Women as a way of showing commitment to women inclusion at the highest level in Parliament.

There is also the need for all Political Parties to reserve safe Seats in the Parliamentary Process for Women to compete among themselves instead of competing with our male counterparts.
Happy Women’s Day to All Women.

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