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Cassava can be the next cocoa for Ghana – Prof. Sarfo Kantanka

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Retired Methodist Bishop and Professor, Sarfo Kantanka, has stated that one of the fast-growing staple crops, cassava, is possible to be the next money-making crop for the country.

According to him, if industrialization is based on cassava, it will go a long way in developing the country.

“The simple thing is that cassava can be the next cocoa for Ghana if we are basing our industrialization on cassava alone,” he said.

Clarifying his reason on Nhyira FM’s #Kuroyimunsem, he mentioned that cassava has a range of uses, hence can bring in revenue to the country’s benefit.

 “It can be our next cocoa in terms of the revenue we will be getting and would be the basis of our industrialization”, Mr Kantanka noted.


“Because we need the starch for the book industry, the textiles industry and even for the pharmaceutical industry”, he added.

The crop scientist also emphasized that the starch extracted from cassava can be useful for the production of oil in the country.

“We need the starch even in the production of oil so there are so many uses so you have a whole supply chain”.

He added that “In order to produce high starch cassava varieties, there’s the need to have an industrial type of cassava”.

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