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Bus terminals flooded with travelers on Christmas Eve

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Some travelers waiting to board their bus at a bus terminal
Some travelers waiting to board their bus at a bus terminal

Major transport terminals in the Greater Accra Region have experienced an influx of travelers on the Eve of Christmas as citizens make their way out of the capital city to celebrate the Yuletide.

On Thursday, when the Ghana News Agency visited the Intercity STC Coaches Limited and V.I.P Jeoun Transport Services, some travelers said Christmas was an opportunity to spend quality and uninterrupted time with family and loved ones, while others said the festive season helped them take advantage of the break from work to recuperate and be in perfect shape for the new year.

Madam Belinda Osei said even though the several expectations of many Ghanaians for 2020 had been marred by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Yuletide was still relevant and worthy of being observed.

She said she was traveling to Kumasi to spend time with her extended family members and advised that citizens should live peacefully with each other and give to support others, just as God did not hold back but gave Jesus Christ out to save the world.

Madam Osei said she was hopeful the New Year would be a better one and called on Government to fulfill all promises made to citizens.

Mr Patrick Danquah and Mr Fred Affum who were waiting in the terminal to travel to Tamale said they were excited that irrespective of how rough the year had been, they were still alive and as such, they had every cause to mark the festive season.

“This year’s Christmas would certainly not be a happy one for every Ghanaian looking at how Covid-19 took the whole world by surprise and affected us negatively. However, there are some who would still find reasons to be happy and I am equally hoping for the best in this period,” Mr Affum said.

“I am using this opportunity to spend quality time with my family in Tamale. Even though we communicate very often on phone, it has been a very long time we met face to face,” Mr Danquah said.

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