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Broken height limit pole on East Legon Under-bridge stretch poses potential danger to motorists

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Commuters and pedestrians who use the East Legon Under-bridge road say the portion of the stretch has become risky to use in the past three weeks.

They’re worried about a broken height limit pole designed to warn drivers of the height limit of the under-bridge, which has broken from its original position and is currently standing on the main street.

According to vendors in the area, the wreckage was caused by a towing vehicle that bumped into the pole about three weeks ago, causing the dislocation of part of the edifice to the main road.

Speaking to JoyNews, a vendor who claimed to have witnessed the accident narrated that “it happened about three weeks ago and up to date nobody has come to check to fix it. It was a towing car that came to hit it”.

Due to the hazardous situation, drivers have to carefully maneuver around the obstruction to avoid any crash.

Others drive on the short stretch with fear praying that the remains will not fall on them unexpectedly.

“We are afraid. It’s very dangerous because it’s broken and it needs to be fixed. The cars are passing under it and you don’t know what may happen. Air can blow and it can fall on any car and then it can cause dangerous accidents again. So, the authorities have to come in and check it for us” one user of the road said.

Another driver also said “It is posing danger to traffic and passengers around this area. It’s very dangerous to us. As a citizen of Ghana, we have been in the country for years. There are certain things which need to be corrected and this is one of them.”

Another infuriated road user also expressed his frustration. He said: “Here is a main road and we can’t allow this pillar to be on the road. How? We need to mount it in the right place.

Considering the current state of the damaged height limit pole, it’s only a matter of time before the weakened structure gives way, potentially leading to an incident if no action is taken.

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