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Bethel Prayer Ministry put smiles on faces of needy, widows [Photos]

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In a heartfelt gesture that has spanned half a decade, the visionary leader of Bethel Prayer Ministry in Kumasi, Prophetess Vida Osei Mensah has once again illuminated the spirit of giving during the 31st end-of-year church service.

The special night, dedicated to ushering Christians into the New Year with gratitude and hope, took on a profound meaning as thousands of bags of rice and assorted clothing were distributed to the needy and widows who worshipped at the church.

This remarkable initiative has been a consistent force for positive change for five consecutive years as a beacon of compassion and a call to action for others to follow suit.

Prophetess Vida used the occasion to inspire fellow believers to extend a helping hand to the less fortunate in their communities, emphasizing the biblical call to care for the needy.

During the presentation, the woman of God stressed the importance of giving, not merely out of abundance, but out of a genuine desire to ensure that everyone has something to sustain themselves.

Her commitment to philanthropy goes beyond the material donations, as she encourages a culture of compassion and communal support.

Ahead of the 2024 election, Prophetess Vida also advocated for a peaceful process, recognizing the significance of a harmonious society.

Addressing the youth, she urged them to anchor their faith in Jesus Christ, highlighting that such beliefs not only bring inner peace but also bless the endeavours of humankind.

The hostess of Obra on Nhyira FM and Adom TV, Mama Effe, who assisted in the presentation of the relief items, offered valuable advice to the widows present, counseling them against despair and advocating for self-sufficiency.

She motivated them to seek meaningful opportunities to support themselves and their families.

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