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Begin to think, Covid-19 vaccines not meant for us – Pastor Chris tells Africans [Video]

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Pastor Chris
Pastor Chris

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy Ministries has asked African leaders not to accept any Covid-19 vaccine made in other continents for their citizens.

According to him, there is no way the vaccines intended to fight Coronavirus, were made for blacks hence it’s about time African leaders began to think differently and wisely.

We live in a different climatic region than those in Europe and America and we cannot use ‘one size fits all’ here… It’s a shame that these days, African nations expect vaccines from Europe or America.

Do you expect them to develop vaccines for you? Really? Its time for African leaders to think differently and wisely. Throughout history, those who have despised you, how can they make vaccines to save your life. Are you okay? the man of God further queried.

Don’t you don’t understand eugenics? I’m appalled that many African leaders … those who are expecting vaccines believe they should be given from abroad. And some of them are clearly labeled not for distribution in the EU, Canada, others. Its about time you wake up and understood, he said.

According to Pastor Chris, importing Covid-19 vaccines is one of the many ways that allows foreigners to increase the debt of Africans.


It’s time for you to think. So many monies have been borrowed by African countries for the purchase of vaccines.

For some, they were forced or threatened to get this money. Truth is, you will never be able to pay back because they will manipulate your countries not to be able to come out of debt.

How many countries have been able to come out of debt? The IMF was created for the adjustment of micro-economic balances among nations. But review the historical accounts of these so-called aids and you will recognize they never help any nation.

It is in the conditionality clause to allow your currency to favour them. This is the final enslavement and the IMF will be used for that, he preached.

Watch the video below:

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