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Anti-LGBTQ+ debate: Muslim women to withdraw wards from boarding houses

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Members of the Federation of Muslim Women Association, Ghana (FOMWAG) have given indications that they would be withdrawing their wards from boarding houses.

Speaking to Israel Laryea on JoyNews Desk, the Executive Member of (FOMWAG), Aisha Ali said the reason for their action is because they believe that LGBTQ+ will introduce them to unacceptable acts as Muslims.

They believe that getting their children out of the boarding house will enable them have much more control over their movement and limit their exposure to these immoral practices.

“It boils down to the fact that for us Muslim and as women, the concept of the LGBTQ+ is more of an abomination because right from the context of the Quran, there is nowhere that makes room to accept these acts. So it’s just unthinkable for the Muslim Ummah who are women to be thrown into such situation,” they said.

Meanwhile, Speaker Alban Bagbin on Monday made the anti-LGBTQ+ Bill Parliament’s top priority when the House resumed from recess.

In his opening remarks, the former Nadowli-Kaleo Member of Parliament (MP) said he will ensure that the public knows where every MP stands on the bill.

The Speaker also announced that parliament will conduct an open ballot to determine the decision of each of the 275 members of the House on the bill on the ‘Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill, 2021’.

Mrs Ali encouraged the passage of the Anti-LGBTQ Bill, saying it conforms with the moral standards of Ghanaians.

“The bill should be passed. It is what is socially and culturally acceptable to the normal Ghanaian because they fear for the future of their kids,” she said.

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