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Anger and shock as police probe Jirapa Dubai CEO’s death

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File photo: Police

Residents of Jirapa in the Upper West Region together with the family of respected entrepreneur and CEO of the Royal Cosy Hills Hotel, are not only in shock but also angry over his killing.

According to JoyNews’ Rafiq Salam, the community is grappling with the tragic loss, viewing Mr Eric Johnson’s death not only as a profound blow to his family but also a significant loss to the district and the entire region.

Many are mourning his passing and reflecting on his positive contributions to the growth of Jirapa and the Upper West Region.

Rafiq Salam reported that family members are overwhelmed with grief, unable to contain their tears.

“The family is really in shock. They are shocked to the marrow…I spoke to one of them and he was in tears and wondered what really happened. People are angry and also not happy about the way things have turned out,” he said.

Meanwhile, residents are speculating about the circumstances surrounding Mr Johnson’s death, with some suggesting that the perpetrator may have been someone close to him.

The tragic incident occurred on Sunday morning when Mr Johnson was discovered brutally killed in his private residence, which is adjacent to the hotel property. The assailant gained entry by using a ladder to climb over the wall and then a master card to access his room.

Following the killing, the assailant stole his car key and drove the vehicle out of the compound, later abandoning it in town.

Subsequently, the police launched extensive investigations, leading to the arrest of seven suspects. Among them is Kumbata Kwaku, a security guard who allegedly facilitated the theft of Mr Johnson’s car by opening the gate.

Other suspects include the manager of the hotel, his personal cook, maintenance worker, waitress, and three members of the security team, including the head of security.

They are Dookuuri Fausta, Braimah Kasim, Beyuo Felix, Michael Klugey and Charles Tuoze and Favour Nuobe, both of whom were arrested on Monday, February 12.

Inspector General of Police, George Akuffo Dampare, has deployed a team of investigators to collaborate with the Upper West Regional Crime Scene Management Team.

Their concerted efforts aim to swiftly apprehend the perpetrators and ensure justice is served.


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