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Ahmed Suale’s death has aided Nyantakyi’s desperate attempt to evade accountability -Tiger Eye

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Tiger Eye PI, the investigative firm that published the infamous Number 12 documentary which led to the downfall of many powerful members of the Ghana football ecosystem, has hit out at former Ghana FA boss Kwesi Nyantakyi, for his recent public comments.

Nyantakyi recently accused the firm, together with their lead investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, of soliciting bribes from him to halt the premiere of the Number 12 documentary.

Not only has the investigative firm categorically denied these allegations, but also branded the former Ghana FA boss a ‘self-confessed bribe-giver and a bribe-taker.’

According to Tiger Eye PI, Nyantakyi, who is at the center of an ongoing criminal trial, as a result of some fallouts from the documentary, only begun his public attempt to evade accountability following the death of a key witness to the case, Ahmed Suale.

“He [Nyantakyi] faces an ongoing criminal trial for corruption and fraud at the High Court in Accra.

“Mr. Nyantakyi’s desperation to evade accountability could only happen after the murder of the key witness for the state, Ahmed Suale, after his face was shown on national televsion.

“A day before his assassination, Mr. Suale was in conference with state prosecutors over the criminal trial of Nyantakyi,” they wrote in a statement.

Nyantakyi, back in 2020, denied any involvement in the death of the journalist, Ahmed Suale.


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