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Adom TV holds masterclass for ‘Adepam Season 2’ contestants

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Ghana’s number one television channel, Adom TV, the organizers of Adepam fashion show, has held a masterclass for contestants ahead of the show’s launch on Sunday, July 10.

The significance of the class, which took place on the premises of Adom TV, was to train the 12 contestants on the business aspect of their craft and to equip them with the requisite skills to make their brands stand out.

Also, the tutors imparted their knowledge of fashion and design to achieve the results of adding unique designs to their outfits.

The masterclass was facilitated by renowned fashion mogul, AbrantieTheGentleman, who is a global Ghanaian fashion brand.

AbrantieTheGentleman tutoring 12 Adepam contestants at masterclass

He tutored on the key items of achieving a successful brand which include creating a niche, proper designing, quality of the creative pieces and building a solid brand with social media as its backbone.

In an era where fashion is constantly evolving, Abrantie urged the contestant to be abreast with vogue pieces and to broaden their scope of knowledge.

AbrantieTheGentleman tutoring 12 Adepam contestants at masterclass

“Making brands attractive takes time but do not despair. Do what you’re supposed to do but be easy with yourselves. Start small, think local but with a global mindset”, he urged.

“Fashion designing is not only limited to sewing; incorporate other elements of fashion into your craft that altogether will uniquely tell which field you belong to and better market your brand,” he urged the contestants.

Also present was a fashion creative director and tutor, Eric, who lectured on the difference between fashion and designing and how best the contestants can use that knowledge to their advantage.

Fashion director Eric tutoring 12 Adepam contestants at masterclass

He took the contestants through the elements of design; space, shape and coulor, which should be incorporated into all fashion pieces to make a statement.

Eric stressed the need for customer satisfaction and building a proper relationship with returning clients and potential customers.

One of the contestants, who spoke on behalf of the team expressed gratitude to Adom TV and tutors for the impactful class which gave them hitherto unknown fashion techniques.

12 contestants of Adom TV’s Adepam fashion show

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