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A long road for Wakayna

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He announced his presence in December last year with his song Africa Nice and since then Freedom Cry Records Manager, Wakayna, has been working his way up the music ladder.

However, it has not been an easy ride for the artiste, who caused a lot of stir with his Nogokpo song, having had to deal with the outbreak of the coronavirus which has undeniably stalled him in a year he was hopeful of making good gains.

That notwithstanding, he dropped some songs such as Never Give up and Black Lives Matter featuring Don Husky in June. Now, Wakayna hopes to make better inroads with a new song titled Bob Marley.

Released on Monday, December 14, the song is a tribute to celebrated Reggae artiste, Bob Marley and the principles he stood for.

The mid-tempo song, produced by Wakayna and featuring Zanli and Renner, encourages people not to hold grudges and strive to have a heart devoid of bitterness.

The Afrobeats song preaches the virtue of contentment and how people must always ensure that they are happy. Comparing his way of life to the principles of Bob Marley’s fight for African liberation, Wakayna urges people to always stand for what they believe in since that makes them stand out.

Wakayna made a choice to feature Zanli and Renner as their chorus and rap verses are great and though the song is still very fresh, he is very confident it will be the beginning of greater things for next year.

“I guess I won’t be the first artiste complaining about the untold hardships that COVID brought but all the same, life must go on and the year must end well so Bob Marley is my gift to the world in the midst of all the difficulties,” he stated.


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