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15 famous people who were born on Christmas Day

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Canadian Prime Minister is among the famous people born in 25 December
Canadian Prime Minister is among the famous people born in 25 December

While Jesus Christ is the most popular celebrity who was born on December 25, there are other famous people who happen to share the same birth date with Him.

24 famous people who were born on Christmas Day

1. Justin Trudeau This fine Canadian leader was the second youngest prime minister ever elected in Canadian history and he will be turning 49 today.

2. Helena Christensen She is a Danish supermodel who first gained mainstream popularity 30 years ago by starring in Chris Isaak’s ‘wicked game’ music video. She is turning 52 this year.

3. Annie Lennox She happens to turn 66 today. This ‘Walking on broken glass’ singer is known for releasing her first and only Christmas album called ‘A Christmas cornucopia’ in 2010.

4. Dido You are familiar with the Paddington Bear? Well, this beautiful British singer will be taking a page out of the bear’s book to celebrate her 49th birthday today.

5. Spacek She is an Oscar winner who starred in the 2008 popular Christmas rom-com ‘four Christmases’. The sassy actress is turning 71 today.

24 famous people who were born on Christmas Day

6. Jeremy Strong Born on this day, 42 years ago, Strong who stars in the popular ‘Succession’ movie series has lots to celebrate as he turns a year old today. He bagged the Critics’ Choice Award and won an Emmy for sis role as Kendall Long in ‘Succession’ which was picked for it’s third season this month.

7. Jimmy Buffett Buffet will be turning 74 this year and one of his common albums released over his long vibrant music career include two Christmas albums, ‘Christmas Island and ‘Tis the SeaSon’.

8. Barbara Mandrell She is Grammy Award-winning singer and a member of the country music Hall of Fame. She is also a co-host of the NBC variety show ‘Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters’

Other celebrities who were born on the Christmas Eve and who happen to also have their birthdays shelved because of Christmas celebration include:

9. Dr Anthony Fauci Fauci was twenty-twenty’s most listened to Coronavirus expert. He also turned 80 on Christmas Eve. He may not have been a celebrity pre-COVID-19, but he sure is set to leave his print and legacy this decade even as the US strives to end the pandemic.

10. Ryan Seacrest The ladies’ crush turned 46 on Christmas Eve. He is well known as the host of Fox’s talent competition show ‘American Idol’, a co-host of ABC’s holiday show ‘Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest.

11. Lee Daniels Born on the Christmas Eve of 1959, Daniels is known as the director of major films like Precious released in 2009, 2013’s The butler and is also the creator of the Fox Show Empire.

12. Louis Tomlinson The 29 year old is the oldest member of the boy band-pop group One Direction. He is the oldest among his seven siblings.

13. Stephenie Meyer If you have watched the ‘Twilight’ saga, then you should know she is the writer behind the romance novel series. She was born on the Christmas Eve of 1973.

14. Ricky Martin This pop singer is a former member of the pop group Menudo. He was born on the Christmas Eve of 1971.

15. Jefferson Beauregard “Jeff” Sessions III He is known as the junior United States senator from Alabama, first elected to the Senate in 1996. He served as the Alabama senator and resigned from the position to serve in the administration of President Donald Trump. And he happens to have been born on the Christmas Eve of 1946.

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