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10 study tips for foreign students in US

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Are you planning to start studying in the US next year? Or maybe you are just looking for the best offers, grants, scholarships, and still not sure whether to take on such a challenge? While being a student is considered fun worldwide, it can be rather difficult to move to another country, especially when this country is not like yours by mentality, customs, and traditions, or even language.

We have collected some tricks that may be useful in case you decide to study at a US college or university. Some may be a closed chapter for you, some actually prove to be helpful.

Tips and Tricks to Succeed Studying in US

Study tips for COVID-19 pandemicperiod

  • Maintain your routines as much as you can. If something worked for you, try to keep it alive. If walking around the block before you go to sleep worked — keep doing it. If you started to study early and liked it – keep doing it, no matter what other people do. If you need to dress fully to be productive — don’t start following the pj-trends. The problem with today is that too many things have changed, and it is very important to keep what is left of our productive routines. 
  • Request information regarding access to online libraries and other sources. You may feel like your professor is obliged to deal with it, to provide you with all the information from the very beginning, to make distance learning easier. However, professors, teachers, counselors are also in distress, and you should take care of many things yourself if you truly want to see a result. Make a list of the needed sources that became unavailable due to the pandemic and find out how you can replace them.
  • Collaborate with other students. Work with other students when it comes to difficult writing assignments, challenging research, exchange of sources and ideas. You may try to form small academic help-groups. It is an obvious solution, but many students are uncomfortable asking for help from peers because they don’t want to look weak or different. Guess what? You asking for help may help others.
  • Help others when and if you can (only!). We talked a lot about how important it is to help others, how socialization affects your future etc. However, especially in the pandemic situation, you need to remember a simple rule – like in the airplane, first, you need to put a mask on your face, and only later care about someone else. Assess everything based on the amount of energy you help. Don’t overdo it. Even if your life didn’t change too much with the pandemic, your mind is stressed, as it has never seen or experienced something like this before. Good luck!

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